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Who is Bret Easton Ellis REALLY telling the story of in his movie “The Canyons” – which is set to star James Deen ? Could it be the story of ChristianXXX ?!?!?!

James Deen 

A Monica Foster thought…

While posting the news item of the day today on about Hollywood film director Bret Easton Ellis and his new movie which is currently in the works “The Canyons” of which the current mainstream Hollywood buzz is speculating will star pornstar “boy next door” James Deen (who was recently showcased on ABC’s Nightline) as reported by Entertainment Weekly  – a small detail in regards to the movie’s character description suddenly came to my attention:

ChristianXXX and James Deen on
Pamela Peak’s escort site

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“At the top of the dream cast for the Paul Schrader-directed feature is porn star James Deen, whom Ellis is convinced is perfect to play the role of Christian, a “handsome, fit power player and major manipulator” who “enjoys setting up three-ways and filming them.”

Though the name “Christian” is a common name for mainstream and adult actors – the above description of the main character of Bret’s newest movie sounded quite familiar – a bit like long time (and relatively controversial) pornstar ChristianXXX.

Now some may say I may be reaching with this analysis (after all I am known as a bit of a “porn industry conspiracy theorist”), BUT is it just COINCIDENCE that ChristianXXX and James Deen are only 1 slot away from one another on the Pamela Peaks website?

Bret Easton Ellis

One has to question just EXACTLY how did James Deen initially meet Bret Easton Ellis (a man who does not identify himself as gay or straight. He explained that he is comfortable to be thought of as gay, bisexual or heterosexual and that he enjoys playing with his persona, identifying variously as gay, straight and bi to different people over the years – as stated in his wikipedia article)?

Has Bret ever met crossover pornstar (a “crossover” pornstar is a male porn talent who works openly in both gay and straight porn) ChristianXXX? Why, considering that James Deen is now in the mainstream spotlight is HE STILL listed on Pamela Peaks escort agency website? Why did ABC Nightline omit this detail when relating his story to a mainstream audience?


I’ll tell you this, if “The Canyons” main character’s story line is akin to the like of ChristianXXX , I sure hope Bret is willing to pay out a stipend or some royalties of some sort to the controversial crossover pornstar.

I suppose Bret’s upcoming movie’s main character could also have been influenced by Christian Bale (who starred in  American Psycho – a movie of Bret’s 1991 novel) …but then again that would be FAR reaching into the abyss.

I suggest my readers take a look at ChristianXXX’s blog to decide for yourself.

***Update!*** It looks like ChristianXXX (@ChristianXXX1 on twitter) heard about this news piece and he tweeted the following (and boy is he a classy guy… Hey Bret, why don’t you return the favor and cast ChristianXXX in your movie – there’s gotta be even a small role that he’s right for!)

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