Vivid Celeb Sextape star Agrees to Enter Rehab After Suicide Scare

(Monica Foster commentary: I’m glad to see that Tila Tequila is getting help – too many attached to the porn industry have had their lives end in tragedy)


Tila Tequila has agreed to enter rehab for substance abuse in addition to seeking treatment for psychological issues — Tila’s close friend and manager tells TMZ.

According to her manager, Tila agreed to treatment after several of Tila’s friends staged a miniature intervention — following Tila’s suicide scare last week.

We’re told Tila has been struggling with serious substance abuse problems as well as psychiatric issues recently — the suicide scare was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It’s unclear when Tila plans to enter a treatment center — but we’re told her friends are hoping she’ll get help as soon as this week.

We’re told a rehab facility has already agreed to take her — though sources wouldn’t specify which.

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