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Sex and Contact: Whitley Strieber’s Intimate Truth


Monica Foster commentary: I always knew there was more to Whitley Strieber’s book Communion than he initially revealed… Is Strieber ushering in the era of Intergalactic Species sex? Do we have a whole new niche` of porn on the horizon? Was Captain Kirk of Star Trek foretelling what’s to come?


This unforgettable discussion begins with Whitley Strieber telling in an open and calm manner, the story of his sexual contact with one of his visitors. Peter Levenda then explains what it meant and why it happened, in terms of sacred sexuality and the deepest meaning of spiritual-physical experience. Very frankly, this is an absolutely amazing discussion. It is deeply moving and profoundly revealing, and not to be missed under any circumstances. Please be aware that this interview includes a description of an intimate sexual experience.

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