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Is Raven Alexis cured of her cancer?

Monica Foster commentary: I really want to believe that Raven Alexis has been truthful about her illness…if she hasn’t been many will be very disappointed in her.


on Lieberman of Howard 100 offers an update on the Raven Alexis cancer story and talks to Alexis’ attorney John Felton.

“Raven Alexis the porn actress is raising serious questions about her health,” reports Lieberman.

“Does she really have cancer or is something else going on?”

Alexis said this last September, 2011:

“It’s a numbering system and basically what I had was stage 4 metastatic liver cancer which means that it had started in the liver then metastasized or spread to other organs. At this point it’s in several of my organs as well as my lymph nodes and my brain.”

“For most end stage cancer patients there is no recovery,” it’s noted by Howard 100.

“But Raven claims after a series of remarkable holistic remedies that she’s beaten it.”

Which is not what Alexis told me a couple of weeks ago when I spoke to her.

But Alexis is now telling the Stern people:

“I did get good news and they’re considering me in recovery/remission. But as anyone who’s fought cancer knows, cancer can come back.”

The station also talks to Alexis’ former fiancé, Dirk Jr. who believes he was duped.

“After extensive investigation he [the fiance] says he never found any proof of MRIs being done or chemo being administered. He believes that Raven did not have end-stage cancer. He also says he saw this doctor’s note one night in the ERI,” reports the station

“He [the doctor] was talking about it and asked her a question,” the fiancé comments.

“There were typed notes that said the patient claims to have cancer but we see no signs. So what he told her was it definitely was not in her liver nor her blood. Of course Raven’s like, great, it’s not there but I’m still having seizures and stuff from my brain. Now she did have seizures in front of me.”

According to Howard 100, Alexis is “vehemently” denying she lied about anything.

“I am recovering and I’m excited about that,” states Alexis.

“My friends are excited about that as well as everyone should be.”

Howard 100 did go on to note that Alexis wouldn’t share her medical records but she referred them to her attorney Jim Felton.

“She was referred by a mutual friend because she needed some business advice and some possible bankruptcy advice,” states Felton.

“I met her in person on two occasions – both times she was using a walker.”

Felton says while he’s not a doctor he’d find it hard to believe that Alexis was making all this up.

“She hasn’t profited from it and, in fact, has lost a lot of money from doing films or appearances.”

Asked if he doubted her medical condition, Felton goes on to say, “I don’t, primarily for two reasons. One, she looks the part of someone who is ill. And, two, I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would go through this process and fabricate something when she was at the top of her game.”

Felton says he’s satisfied, without being a doctor, that Alexis has been undergoing treatments for something that’s serious.

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