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Marc Drescher aka Marc From the Dark – owner of AdultTalentRegistry (and best known from ABC’s Karaoke Battle) IS BACK IN LOS ANGELES !

a Monica Foster exclusive

Both adult and mainstream entertainment circles alike will be delighted to learn that after a well deserved hiatus, Marc Drescher aka Marc From the Dark (@MarcFromTheDark on twitter) is back to Los Angeles, California!

Though Marc From the Dark (the creator and owner of will remain a well established behind the scenes fixture in the adult entertainment sphere – in 2012 he will be branching out into mainstream entertainment – specifically into music.

Marc Drescher was a regional finalist on ABC’s Karaoke battle last year – and the exposure Marc has received from making his appearance on the show has opened more doors and opportunities than he’d ever anticipated.

Marc’s vocal stylings are his true passion – and though he will continue to maintain (a free resource for the porn industry which connects performers directly with studios and producers), Marc will be taking solid steps towards fulfilling his mainstream entertainment industry goals.

On his way to Los Angeles, Marc took a pit stop in Las Vegas to attend the upcoming Pornstar Karaoke event and of course to say “Hello” to his good friend Monica Foster.

Marc actually was able to pull off a miracle since he’s been here in Las Vegas – he managed to get Monica Foster out of the house and into the lively Ellis Island Casino karaoke bar (where he sang her a song).

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