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Has James Deen has been pushed out of the closet as a Bi-Sexual / Gay performer by Bret Easton Ellis?

(Monica Foster commentary: Maybe I’m reading a bit to deeply into this tweet by Bret Easton Ellis – but considering that Bret is possibly casting Joanna Angel’s boytoy James Deen in a mainstream movie of which he will do a full frontal banging girls and GUYS – it seems as though Bret has outed James to the world as being openly bi-sexual or an occasional gay performer – hmmmm…. Welcome to the world of Crossover Performers Mr. James Deen)

Our favorite male porn star may just crossover into mainstream film. Bret Easton Ellis has been tweeting about a film script he is writing with James Deen in mind:

Ellis describes the project he’s writing as as an “LA noir micro budget Paul Schrader movie,” and it’s clever of him to want James Deen involved. Deen has a large following of young women, and we’re willing to bet they’d come out in droves to see him in a mainstream film.

What do you think, dear readers? Could the next teen heartthrob be a porn star?

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