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How does Xbiz not know which adult talent agencies are no longer operating? 3 Talent Agencies Splinter From LATATA to Form ALTA

(Monica Foster commentary: I found this press release rather strange, because 2 of the “current LATATA agencies listed – Lisa Ann’s Talent Management and Goldstar Modeling  – are no longer in business / operational. How is Rhett Pardon of not aware of this? Who in the world even wrote this press release and WHY?)

Three adult talent agencies have parted ways from the adult agency trade group LATATA and are starting their own organization.

Type 9 Models, OC Modeling and ATM/LA said late Thursday that they will form a new trade association to be called Agency Licensed Trade Association, or ALTA.

LATATA, formally known as the Licensed Adult Talent Agency Trade Association, was started up by Derek Hay of LA Direct Models. The group was set up to form “a union between all licensed talent agencies for the adult entertainment business.”

Current LATATA member agencies include Goldstar Modeling, Hay’s LA Direct Models, Lisa Ann’s Talent Management, Spiegler Girls, World Modeling, Foxxx Modeling and Big Love Talent.

The three founding members of the new and competing trade group ALTA, which formed this week, plans a similar mission to LATATA’s.

“We believe that the idea of a trade association is good, but our belief of how to operate it is different of the other association,” ALTA partners said in statement. “ALTA is an organization about unity, trust and respect of the individuals in our industry. We do not believe in strong-arming or making it difficult for talent to succeed.

“We hope with the new organization we can work more closely with production and talent to make work conditions smoother and more efficient for all parties.”

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