Remember Kacey Jordan from the Charlie Sheen fiasco – this is her now and she needs your support

(Monica Foster commentary: This is a young woman that I’ve been following and have actually been concerned for, for quite some time. Initially in porn she was known as Kacey Jordan. She is best known for being involved with Charlie Sheen last year when he was going on his wild “binges”.
After her encounters with Charlie Sheen, there was an instance of which she was allegedly raped at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. After that instance she shut down her initial twitter account @misskaceyjordan and since has resurfaced on twitter as @misscnicole.
As of current as you will see in the video below – she appears to be very depressed and she conveys that she’s having serious health issues. Please watch the video below and realize that it’s the lifestyle of the Los Angeles porn industry and people on the fringes of the industry that have brought this beautiful young woman to this current state.)

In depth article and history to come of this situation…

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