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“I dreamt of being a Hindi film heroine” – will Mahesh Bhatt be a dream come true, or Sunny Leone’s worst nightmare?


Sunny Leone talks about her stint at BB 5, the Bhatts and more
Q How does it feel being an adult film actress? A I believe I lead my life the way I want. I am free to do what I want to without any restrictions.

Q Mahesh Bhatt expressed his desire to work with you… How does it feel? A Indian girls who live abroad abroad grow up watching these beautiful actresses in Hindi films on television, dreaming if they could ever be a part of it. I am no different. But the option of doing a Hindi film wasn’t there. Now it is. So I’d love to work with Mahesh Bhatt. When he came into the house it was the first time I could speak freely on the show. He knew who I was. He knew my background. Mr. Bhatt and his daughter had been following my career for quite some time.

Q You went into the Bigg Boss house, keeping your profession a secret. Didn’t that give you freedom from being judged? A No. When I went to inside the house I concentrated on giving them a sense of who I was as a person, and not of what I did as a career. That was tough. It was very important for them to come to terms with my personality before I revealed my true identity.

Q What was their reaction when they got to know that you are an adult film actress? Would have you been embarrassed if anyone had issues? A I had confided in Juhi Parmar before I announced it to the world (laughs). And then I told the others who I was, what I did for a living and why I was there on Bigg Boss. They were surprisingly okay with it. That was absolutely a pleasant surprise. If anyone had issues with what I did, I’d have known.

About being embarrassed, No. I’ve been doing adult porn for ten years. I’ve met all sorts of people. Those who like me, those who dislike me for what I am and what I do, those who hate or appreciate my choice of profession. I wasn’t really bothered with the reactions I’d get in Bigg Boss.

Q How was the experience in Bigg Boss? A It was interesting watching the dynamics within the House. Language was a problem. This was the first time I had to understand and speak in Hindi. There were lots of arguments. I had never been so vulnerable in my entire life. But it was a learning experience.

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