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Desi Foxx Speaks: The Homework is Coming In and Do I Have Some News For You All – XPT Owner Exposed


I’m happy to be able to say my class is going very well as you can see from the assignments submitted thus far. First and foremost, I received information about the owner of XPT. While in the porn industry, he goes by the name of Jeff Stewart, I have another name, *****, for him as well. I was told this is his real name but we have no idea how many names this man goes under, who he really is or if he is even an American citizen, now do we??

If you’d like to see what Jeff Stewart aka ***** looks like, here is a photo of him WITH HIS BABY DAUGHTER!!!!

This man, who owns a sick and deviant porn forum that recruits, hosts and promotes criminals that rape and abuse teen girls and women and cyberstalkers that harass, intimidate, threaten, coerce and even push these girls and women to suicide HAS A BABY GIRL. In the forum thread they started on me, they have brought my granddaughter into this stalking WHO IS THE SAME SIZE AND AGE AS HIS DAUGHTER!!

This is worth linking to so you can see for yourself what this man supports and then look at that little baby girl sitting next to him. SEE IT HERE. This man who has a baby girl in his possession has had his main header banner for years with the statement “She’s not your daugher”. This man should be reported to child protective services as he is not safe to be around small children. Check out the site and tell me, Do YOU Think This Guy Should Have Custody of His DAUGHTER?? This student definitely has an A++ and graduated from Class One!!

Anonymous joined the class a little late but sent in this fine organization chart so they receive an A++ also and Class One is in the bag. You get extra credit for the visuals…

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