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Gene Ross of AdultFYI confirms that Monica Foster was correct about the PornWikiLeaks issue not being over

Gene Ross of AdultFYI has confirmed what ex-pornstar Monica Foster has been speaking and writing about for many months now. The Pornwikileaks issue was never resolved, nor is it close to being over – in fact it is back under a different guise.

article below courtesy Gene Ross of

I hate to say I told you so, but in one of my Tarot readings I told you so. When all the industry cowboys were taking credit for rounding up the scamps at Porn Wikileaks and driving them out of Dodge, I said Porn Wiki Leaks wasn’t going anywhere.

Of course I took a ration for saying that because, after all, what do my Tarot cards know. But, months, later, seems I was right. Porn Wikileaks has resurfaced but in a re-incarnated form that appears more toxic than the original ever was.

The new trouble maker in town is calling itself Dirty Wiki,

I believe the site’s been up a couple of months and is still in its formative stages. From the looks of it, though, it’s way more sophisticated than Porn Wiki Leaks.

And it’s designed to look exactly like Wikipedia. The site’s home page currently features twenty thumbnails of women in the spotlight that perhaps they wish they weren’t in.

Some are porn performers. Some are escorts. Evidently some are girlfriends who’s pissed off ex-boyfriends. But they all have one thing in common. If they’ve run afoul of the law, their police records are up there. And if they have families, information about mothers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles are up there, too. It looks like someone’s been raiding Facebook and other Internet social sources for information and photos.

Considering that no one’s bothered to make an issue of it, we thought we’d be the first to let you know. Fasten your seat belts. This could really be a bumpy ride.

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