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Why is Tee Reel having so many issues with his movie releases? This time it’s with Marc Drescher aka MarcFromTheDark

Marc Drescher aka MarcFromTheDark

It appears that pornstar and director Tee Reel is having yet another issue with one of his adult industry peers and past business partners in relation to one of his recent movie releases / projects – this time with Marc Drescher aka MarcFromTheDark owner of

I received the following information today via Marc:

“Upon verbal agreement of 50/50 split of any and all earnings from said movie between Tee Reel and Marcus Drescher, Marcus was hired by Tee Reel as assistant director, videographer, filmographer, and editor for creation and release of Real Interracial II. Marcus’ name can be found in the credits. Marcus also holds in his possession original documents including original scenes used in the movie, the actual movie timeline and pre-rendered master of said movie. Other documents in posession may include photos of actors in said movie, model releases and USC 2257 contracts.

Michelle Paterson Content Manager, is fully aware of this situation and is knowledgeable in knowing of this arrangement. It should be known that as of October 23rd 2011, no record of payment to Miss Paterson has been made for her work on the project either.”

Tee Reel

According to further information AEBN has deactivated the sale of “Real Interracial II” until formal documentation has been submitted to prove exactly who owns the content.

Furthermore T-Real Entertainment has claimed that Marc is attempting to “extort” their company and that T-Real Entertainment will file a lawsuit against Marc Drescher in effort to reclaim any lost revenue of any title Drescher attempts to stake claim in.

Tee Reel had another issue with AVN award winner Tori Black back in early 2011 in regards to his release “Half Moon” as well.

Tori Black

Taken from twitter:

“I have no involvement with the movie Half Moon, and I will not be attending any premier. I starred in the movie however have not been treated properly and refuse to promote a project I felt compromised my wishes. I don’t want anything to do with the film after a terrible experience with the director. I starred in the movie however have not been treated properly and refuse to promote a project I felt compromised my wishes. Simple breakdown: director, Tee Reel doesn’t pay his dues, lied to cast and crew and handled business upside down and the wrongs have yet to be righted. Boycott with me lovers and friends!” – @misstoriblack

I welcome comment for future updates from Tee Reel, Marc Drescher and/or Tori Black.

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